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  • Lavender wheat bag in patchwork fabric print
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    Enjoy your lavender herb heating pad for warmth and comfort when you need to relax and unwind at the end of the day or snatch a few minutes whilst baby is sleeping. Useful when suffering from general aches and pains just heat for 2 mins and apply. Size: approx. 46cmx12cm 

    Pop one in a freezer bag and use as a cold pack on bruises, sprains & aching limbs.

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    A cute handmade set of 6 wine glass charms each with a different contrast colour and with a cute owl attached to each one! 

    A great gift to a friend, hostess or anyone who would appreciate a glamorous accessory for their drink! 

    Simple and effective accessory that compliments your event and leaves your guests being able to identity their drink amongst a crowd of other drinks. 

    All themes and colours available as are all quantities. Please message me to find out how I can help your event!